Thanks to the great work of Bogdan Vatra and the Qt Developers working on Lighthouse, I have finally been able to create a running version of Nanoparticles on Android. Their efforts have led to the Necessitas project, a very user friendly and working port of Qt to Android.

I’ve only had a HTC Magic with no OpenGL capabilities available for testing, but still the game is running pretty good. This is giving me perhaps too high hopes about how it will perform on a stronger device, such as a Samsung Galaxy SII. I’ll try to get hold of a device like that soon.

In addition I’ve moved almost all the UI code in Nanoparticles over to QML. This finally makes the menus and game logic separated and also has made it a lot easier to add some transitions and user feedback to the UI elements.

I’ve only got a early alpha version ready at the moment, but I’ll probably need a lot of help testing how the game runs on different devices and setups. I will post back here as soon as I’ve got something for you to play with. Maybe I’ll even push it to Android Market in a not so distant future for early testing.