Awesome news! Spotify is now finally available as a native client for Linux. I have no idea why I haven’t spotted this earlier, as it was already announced in July, but in any case it is finally here.

Although they call it a preview, it seems to be a very finished and good-looking product, and I finally might get rid of those annoying sudden playback stops I experienced while Spotify under Wine. At least I haven’t experienced any of them yet.

I wish they would release it as an open source application as well, but for now, I’m very satisfied seeing that the money I’m spending on it pays off for Linux users as well. At the moment though, it seems like it is only packaged for Ubuntu and Debian, but hackers using other distros out there are probably going to figure out how to run it on other machines.

Now I’ll be hoping for a native version for N900, as most of the projects attempting to run Spotify on Maemo appear to be left unusable each time Spotify updates their API.