Greece. The beautiful country in the south of Europe with all its islands spread in the Mediterranean Sea. After a couple of days here on the beautiful island of Naxos, I must say that I once again have fallen in love with Greece and its pretty nature.

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Yesterday we rented an ATV to take a trip around the island. It was great to drive a smaller vehicle on the tiny mountain roads, and we got to see lots of cultural monuments, elder greeks resting on the sidewalks, magnificent views and of course a few donkeys here and there.

Should you ever come to Naxos, I would recommend eating at the local restaurants here. But beware, not all serve the same quality greek kitchen. Some of the cheapest restaurants tend to just reheat frozen food and does not have the best standards when it comes to cleaning.

We had one particulary bad experience where the mousaka (the greek version of lasagne) came cold in the middle, like when its heaten in a microwave oven, and the glass they served us had some grose filth on the inside.

However our vacation has been great this far and I’m sure we’ll come back to Greece soon.