I don’t think you’ll notice, but I’ve just moved this page permanently to dragly.org. There seems to have been some problems getting this site indexed properly when it was hosted on a subdomain of dragly.com. To get the site ut to speed I decided to move it. After all, what is a webpage without visitors? And how would you get here without the site being visible?

[caption id=”attachment_238” align=”alignright” width=”300” caption=”I’ve found that github offers just what I need to host everything from small to big projects.”]Alt

Until now we have been hosting dragly.com at One.com, but since they don’t support several domains I’m considering to move everything to ProISP.no where I’m currently hosting dragly.org. At the same time I think we’ll have to do something about those outdated webpages we’ve got there. We haven’t really updated those in a while.

On a completely different topic I’m trying out git at the moment as an alternative to Subversion. Way too many people have been talking positively about it lately, so I figured I needed to give git a shot.

First of all I’ve set up a profile over at github and am going to upload a few of my projects during the next couple of weeks. I’ve got too much source code lying around not to share it with everyone :)

And for starters that’s a big plus for github. Keeping my projects stored in one place makes it a much better alternative than hosting alternatives for Subversion, like SourceForge and Google Code.